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Working on the same principle as Satin Insert Sheets, Satin Pillowcases will ease stress on the face, ears, head & hair while sleeping. Because of the reduced friction, these pillowcases are gentle on your skin & hair. This not only has well-known beauty benefits (reduced wrinkling and bed-hair!) but can also ease pressure on damaged skin & hair.You will also find that satin is cool to the touch in summer and warm in winter.


When hair is growing back after an event such as chemo or radiation, hair follicles are fragile & very prone to breakage. Satin is a smooth & soft fabric, allowing delicate hair follicles to gently glide over the satin. Cotton or poly-cotton pillowcases pull much-needed moisture out of your skin & hair, leaving your hair brittle and skin dry. A Satin pillowcase will help avoid this issue.


Satin Pillowcases allow your head to move across the pillow with reduced tension & stress on your skin. During skin cancer treatment or after surgery, you skin will appreciate the gentleness of a satin pillowcase compared to the more raspy feeling of a cotton or poly-cotton pillowcase. The relief given by this will lead to a better night’s sleep – something we all long for.


Satin pillowcases have always been known to decrease bed-hair and facial wrinkling – something that your grandmother always knew!

Note: Health & Hygiene – our Satin Pillowcases are made from a poly-satin fabric and are easy care, requiring no ironing. This makes life so much easier if pillowcases need daily changing.

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